Monday, September 30, 2013

Change of Big Idea

Ms Ng,if you are reading this post,then please understand that we have change our big idea to Relationships because our problem statement has been classified by you under relationship.Due to the lack of time we cannot change our topic evaluation checklists to go under relationship so please do not penalised us because of that.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

26 September 2013

1) Peer 

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2) Final report (by next Tuesday + uploaded on blog)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

29 August 2013

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2)Questionnaire Sent Out
3) Research Justification (Final)
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Second draft of Topic Evaluation Checklist

IRS Topic Evaluation Checklist

Assessment Criterion
Does My Selected Topic Fulfill the Following Criterion?
Creative Thinking
  Why is my topic interesting/unusual/creative?

  What is the purpose/value of exploring my topic?

  What are the interesting and relevant learning points derived from my topic?

  Why are my suggested strategies/approaches to deal with topic interesting and/or effective?
Critical Thinking
  Why is my topic manageable/feasible? 

  How can I obtain concrete evidence to support my   research on my topic? 

  Who are my target audiences?

  Why have I chosen these groups of people for target audiences?

Creative Thinking
My topic is interesting because my group and I are trying to find out if a student would earned equal respect from the teacher if they respect them first?Take this for example,a student respect the teacher and he/she get respect back but is it just a little or is it equal?In relation to this example why would a student want an equal respect from the teacher and would a teacher be willing to give respect to a student.
The purpose of exploring this topic is to help my group further understand about behaviour,find tips on how to show respect to somebody and to help us understand why getting respect is so important.
Some of the interesting and relevant learning points to understanding respect in behaviour will be finding all sorts of way displaying respect and how to earned respect well.
My strategies will be to interview,doing online research on respect in behaviours and do note on each of our members and a few of our classmates behaviour and their explaining of the word respect and how they view it in.

Critical thinking
It is manageable because respect in behaviour comes from within one person to another person and everybody have experience it before so if we can take some note on our way of displaying respect in class and way of earning respect in class,we can get to study them more.
It is show that a person can earned respect in different way by being friendly or by making people fear you in order for them to respect you.Also,it is shown that a person with a high status would normally respect people with a lower kind in return for bigger ones they get usually or is it wrong?
My target audience are the students,a few of my classmates and teachers.
That way I can interview them on their personal ways of displaying respect in class and how they earn respect.In class,I can also take notes of ways to display respect being shown in class and get to understand how important they think respect is?