1. Introduction


Research Topic: Relationship

Chosen Area of Focus: Mutual Respect-Do teachers and students have equal understanding?
  1. Framing our research topic
Our chosen area of focus is Do teachers and students have equal understanding?

                Framing our research topic. We have chosen this topic as most of us were taught that respect was something that was earned throughout your life by treating other people as kind as you would treat yourself.Respect keeps us mindful and makes us remember to show proper appreciation toward others and toward things. Though sometimes, parents and teachers say that we do not treat seniors with sufficient respect. And we can’t help but agree that sometimes we feel that some people do not treat each other with the respect that they deserve. We respect our seniors not only because they are older than us, but because of those in authority in our life respect keeps us mindful that they are in the position they are for our benefit (to help us). Respect thus moves us to cooperate with their effort to help us by carefully listening to them and considering what they have to say or to ask of us. But on the other hand, there may be people who don’t respect them, scoffing at a teacher's right to request them to do the things necessary for the sake of keeping his or her classroom free of hindrances to teaching and learning is an example of extreme disrespect for their authority. By principle we owe respect to the position a teacher or authority figure occupies. A person down the street however, who has no real authority given him over us must earn our respect.

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