4. Discussions

Although in some other teams that have conducted research says that relationships between students and teachers are good,our group have a more different answer and conclusions from these groups.We have found out that there are some students in SST having bad relationship with our teachers as they have misunderstood them or are scared of them.In a question we asked:If students greet their teachers, is it mainly out of fear for punishment if they don't?One student answered maybe,one student answered yes,three students answered no and the rest answered in more detailed.

We also found out that there are more students in the school that are in a bad relationship with the teachers.One students who answered the above paragraph question says that,”I think that there are some who genuinely wish to greet the teachers. However, there are certainly many others who are forced to do so out of their own will. Also, the fact that the DM keeps reiterating our 'SST Culture' continues to enforce the thinking that students will be scolded if they do not greet teachers, hence do so.”This also shows that maybe some students have gone robotic,been drilled with manners since young,made respecting a habit.This type of relationship formed is bad.

Our discussion led us to conclude that there are more SST students in bad relationship with the teacher than good relationship.

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