Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Group Members

Go Zong Han
Eden Lok
Wong Ming Xian
Ramanathan Kumarappan


Go Zong Han said...

The role of being a communication manager is to involve every Member and requires them report, once a week, including information on their activities in the preceding week, their plans for the following week, and any other information deemed relevant to the larger group.

Ramanathan Kumarappan said...

The role of being a research specialist is to do make sure that every member of the group is doing their research and I myself do a proper research and then combine all the findings and make they agree with one another and submit it to the project manager.

Wong Min Xian said...

The roles and responsibilities of a project manager is to interact with his group members,which will help to bring involvement to them,as well as to obtain complete information to manage the project.Also,as a project manager,I must keep documentation and reports from my group member and update it in order to have justification for each major action that the group will take for future reference.Hence,the project manager is responsible for accomplishing the project objectives within the constraints of the project and to think of a plan for him and his group members to follow.

Eden Lok said...

The role of being a multimedia manager is to is the include the group members in work through the social media interface by engaging the group through fellowship and other methods of providing my knowledge and skills to the best of my capability.